Luke Rocheleau

Academy of Art University | San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Directing & Cinematography



Available as a local


Los Angeles, San Francisco


Grew up in the Bay Area

Eagle Scout

Middle Child

World Traveler

Thrill Seeker turned Father of Two

Select Commercial | Promo | Live Event Clients

Disney, Cigna Health, Samsung, Mercedes, Hyundai, Best Buy, Adidas, BODYARMOR, L'oreal, Viacom, Garnier, Calvin Klein, Skechers , Tecate, Xfinity, Fitbit, Taco Bell, Los Angeles Rams, Promos for: FX, Netflix, American Idol, The Voice, Grey's Anatomy, Blue Sky, Jeopardy, 2020 Olympic, MTV Awards, Live Events for: Microsoft HoloLens 

Select Director & DP Colleagues

Jason Farrand, Pete Doctor, Klaus Obermeyer, James Mangold, Antoine Fuqua, Pamela Adlon, John Lee Hancock, Romeo Tirone, Rachel Goldenberg, Shane Valdez, Grant Heslov

Alan Caso ASC, Adam Silver, Phedon Papamichael ASC, Denis Maloney ASC, Joshua Reis, Berenice Eveno, Jake Bianco, Maz Makhani, John Peter, Philip Briggs, Greg Ephraim, Nicola Daley, Paul Koestner, Michelle Lawler, Gonzalo Amat

Select Feature | Television Credits

The Guilty | Feature | Netflix

C-Cam Operator

Paradise Lost | TV Series | Season 1 | Paramount

A-Cam/Steadicam Operator

Better Things | TV Series | Season 1, 2, 3 | FX

A-Cam/Steadicam Operator

The Rookie | TV Series | Season 1 | ABC

B-Cam/Steadicam Operator

Heathers | TV Series | Season 1 | Paramount

B-Cam/Steadicam Operator

Valley Girl | Feature | MGM

B-Cam/Steadicam Operator

I'm Sorry | TV Series | Season 1, 2 | TruTV

Camera Operator

ICE | TV Series | Pilot | DirectTV

B-Cam/Steadicam Operator

The Free World | Feature | Sundance Premiere

Steadicam Operator

Director: Antoine Fuqua

DP: Maz Makhani

Director: John Lee Hancock

DP: Alan Caso

Director: Pamela Adlon

DP: Paul Koestner

Directors: Various

DP: Alan Caso

Directors: Various

DP: Adam Silver

Director: Rachel Goldenberg

DP: Adam Silver

Director: Andrea Savage

DP: Adam Silver

Director: Antoine Fuqua

DP: Maz Makhani

Director: Jason Lew

DP: Berenice Eveno

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